Collaborative Research Initiative Projects

Josephine Adamo 2007 CDHS: Erie County Employee Education Program: Critical Thinking in Education and in Life
Josephine Adamo 2009 Erie Co DSS-Employee Education Program: Filling in the Advisement Gaps
Josephine Adamo 2010 Navigating the Academic Environment
Modupe Akin-Deko 2006 User Friendly Stress Management Tolls for ECDSS Students
Catherine G. Ansuini 2006 Ambassador for Academic Support Service Program
Salvatore Ballachino 2008 Managing Work and School through Wellness Awareness
Bruce Baum 2009 College Partnership Resource Development: School of Education
Bruce Baum 2010 CDHS/CPD Ambassador School of Education
Barbara Bontempo 2006 Ambassador to the School of Arts & Humanities & School of Education
Barbara Bontempo 2009 College Partnership Resource Development: School of Arts & Humanities
Barbara Bontempo 2010 CDHS/CPD Ambassador For The School of Arts and Humanities
Bruce G. Bryski Intergenerational Classroom Communication in Higher Education for the Returning Non-Traditional Aged Student
Catherine Cook-Cottone 2010 Fostering a Healthy Relationship with Food in Children Who Have Been Abused and Neglected
John DeNisco 2006 Cost Sharing System
John DeNisco 2009 Partnership Resource Development: School of the Professions
John DeNisco 2010 CDHS/CPD Ambassador to School of Professions
Stephen Gareau

Ruth Guo

2009 Pre-Program Technology Preparation for the Returning Adult Learner
Jeanne Guzy 2009 Computer Resources for the Adult Learner
Jeanne Guzy 2010 Essential Computer Skills for Adult Learners: Tools for Academic Research
Monica Heavey 2009 Computer Skills for the Adult Learner
Monica Heavey 2010 Computer Skills for the Adult Learner
Sandra Johnson 2009 Erie County Employee Education Program Resources; Using Critical Thinking for College Courses
Michael Niman 2010 Representing CDHS Visually a Semiotic Approach: Photo Materials for CPD-RFP, Future Brochures
Jill Norvilitis 2009 College Partnership Resource Development: Natural and Social Sciences
Roswell Park IV 2009 College Partnership Resource Development: University College
Roswell Park IV 2010 CDHS/CPD Ambassador University College and Professional Staff
Lucas Pint 2010 Non-Reimbursable Payments Training Survey
James Shea Personal Safety on Campus for the Evening Students
Evanka Swampillai 2009 Successfully Transitioning Youth from the Criminal Justice Program Back into Homes and Communities
Sumana Silverheels Resources for Adult Students with Hearing Impairments
Lori Till 2009 Erie Co. DSS Employees Education Program Resources: Access to Higher Education and Career Expectations for the Adult Learner
Lori Till 2010 Adult Access to Higher Education Success: Quality of Life and Campus Support
Lori Till Navigating Food Selections in The Campus Environment for EC DSS Students With Food Allergies Part I & II
Bernadette Tribble 2007 User-Friendly Website Information Regarding Buffalo State College Policies/Procedures for ECDSS-EEP Students
Dr. Vida Vanchan Effective Presentation Skills for the College Setting
Jie Zhang 2010 Mental Health / Child Welfare Linkages
Kimberly Zittel-Palamara 2010 Postpartum Mood Disorders Initiative: Women and Children