Exciting Organizational Changes Happening at the Center

In January 2014, the Center for Development of Human Services (CDHS) joined with the Center for Health and Social Research (CHSR) at SUNY Buffalo State to form a new organization—known as the Institute for Community Health Promotion (ICHP).

ICHP’s mission focuses on the health and well-being of individuals—as well as larger communities—through the development and implementation of research and programming. The Institute also seeks to strengthen the influence of SUNY Buffalo State as a driver of health promotion.

ICHP will support the expansion of the continuum of health care in the areas of prevention, health promotion, and chronic-disease management with a range of activities directed toward populations and individuals across the lifespan. Those activities will include community-based universal prevention and programs targeting health risks, social services, schools, and businesses.

To satisfy its mission, ICHP will integrate expertise of CHSR in health research and community-based prevention with CDHS’s knowledge and experience in strengthening social services. The Institute will also create strong affiliations with SUNY Buffalo State academic departments, including Health and Wellness, and degree programs such as the Master of Public Administration in Public and Nonprofit Management.

William F. Wieczorek, PhD, has been appointed to the director of ICHP and the two centers. A certified research administrator—and a nationally-recognized research scientist—Dr. Wieczorek has served as director of CHSR at SUNY Buffalo State since 1997. Among the many projects underway at CHSR, Dr. Wieczorek heads the Px20 coalition-based prevention initiative—a collaboration of all Erie County prevention providers to implement programming, enhance system capacity, and conduct data collection and evaluation. The initiative is funded by the Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation. Dr. Wieczorek also directs the West Side Youth Development Coalition (WSYDC), funded by the Drug-Free Communities Program, which brings together 12 sectors, including health care, drug prevention, law enforcement, schools, and community groups to initiate a universal environmental prevention campaign to reduce underage drinking and prescription drug abuse. The Aging in Context Project with the University of Rochester Medical Center also highlights Dr. Wieczorek’s expertise with health issues across the lifespan.

Kelly Marczynski, PhD, currently assistant director and senior scientist at CHSR, has been appointed assistant director of ICHP. Dr. Marczynski will provide immediate support for Dr. Wieczorek and senior leadership at CDHS. As she initiates her new role, Dr. Marczynski will maintain duties as principal investigator on multiple projects and oversee research and staff at CHSR, including developing new projects for ICHP in collaboration with CDHS.

Day-to-day operations at CDHS will be coordinated through a Senior Management team comprised of Dr. William Wieczorek, Dr. Kelly Marczynski, Ms. Cheryl Beamon, Mr. John Slaughter, Ms. Marcie Lynch, and Mr. Daniel Wasson.

Across the Center, staff are looking forward to these exciting changes, and to a newly expanded role on campus and in the community.