Support Units

The Center for Development of Human Services, a program of the Research Foundation for SUNY at Buffalo State, could not operate without our dedicated support staff, organized into the following service units:


Provides oversight of all Center for Development of Human Services activities; ensures that its mission, vision, and values are adhered to on a daily basis; prepares, reviews, and tracks all proposals; and ensures compliance with Research Foundation for SUNY and sponsor agency requirements, including reporting and other legal mandates and contract fulfillment.

Human Resources

Provides recruitment, staff orientation, staff development and training, one-on-one coaching, performance improvement initiatives, and general organizational support for employee-related activities and processes.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Provides design, support, and training for the statewide electronic data and registration systems; maintains the Center’s wide area network (WAN); and delivers hardware and software support for staff.

Materials Duplication and Distribution

Reproduces and distributes all materials for Center trainings, workshops, presentations, and conferences throughout New York State.

Registration Services

Manages all phases of electronic statewide training and conference registration.


Manages all aspects of accounting services, budget preparation, training site procurement, trainer/trainee travel, consultant agreements, and purchasing.