Foster/Adoptive Parent Training Project

Heather Dominguez, Senior Project Coordinator
Heather Dominguez
Project Coordinator

Operating statewide in New York, the Foster/Adoptive Parent Training Project provides direct, outcome-based training to agency caseworkers, homefinders, and foster and adoptive parents with the goal of promoting safety, well-being, and permanence for children. Originating in the late 1980s with the development of Fosterparentscope—one of the first comprehensive in-service training programs for foster/adoptive parents in New York State—the project continues to be a major initiative in the field of child welfare, having grown to encompass a range of training offerings reflecting the varied needs of the populace it serves.

Trainers associated with the Foster/Adoptive Parent Training Project provide local district departments of social services and voluntary agencies with an array of programs that assist them in selecting, preparing, and providing training for foster and adoptive parents. All curricula are continuously updated to reflect current research regarding best practices, as well as the most recent changes in the federal and state policies that promote those practices.

Training is delivered in all regions across the state. It is offered directly to foster/adoptive parents and in the form of “Leader Certification” offerings for agency staff and agency-selected foster/adoptive parents. All of our trainers have been certified and approved through an extensive preparation program that must be completed before they can provide Group Preparation and Selection II/Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (GPSII/MAPP) leadership certification. Our trainers are all certified to provide instruction in several related training programs as well, and many of their offerings are available in Spanish versions. These dedicated staff work many hours to provide training offerings that fit the schedules of busy foster and adoptive parents across New York State.

The Foster/Adoptive Parent Resource Center is designed to support online foster/adoptive parent training offered by the Center for New York State foster and adoptive parents.

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