New York State Child Welfare Training Institute

Cheryl Beamon
Cheryl Beamon, Ed.M.

With the goal of promoting safety, permanence, and well-being for New York State’s children, the New York State Child Welfare Training Institute (NYSCWTI) provides outcome-based training for child welfare workers, mandated reporters of child abuse and maltreatment, and also for prospective foster and adoptive families across the state.

The NYSCWTI comprises the following six training projects:

Child Welfare/Child Protective Services Outcome-Based Training Project

The Child Welfare/Child Protective Services Outcome-Based Training Project provides new and experienced child welfare and child protective services (CW/CPS) caseworkers and supervisors with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to achieve child and family safety, permanency, and well-being. This outcome-based training system includes the Child Welfare/Child Protective Services Common Core for New Caseworkers training, Supervisory Core training for all new and experienced supervisors, and Core Essential Skills for Experienced Caseworkers, as well as advanced training in specialty programs for preventive, foster care, and adoption workers in their principle area(s) of practice.

Child Protective Services Training Project

The Child Protective Services Training Project offers training (as mandated by New York State law for new CPS workers) in the fundamentals of child protection including the principles and techniques of investigations, relationships with other investigative bodies, legal issues in child protection, and methods of remediation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

Teaming Model Training Project

The Teaming Model Training Project is designed to support two New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and local departments of social services (LDSS) priorities: practice improvement and increasing the stability and competency of the workforce through the restructuring of individualized casework to that of a team. This project provides consultation and training to all participating districts; supports the districts and their teams in developing the necessary structures and interpersonal skills that are integral to teaming; provides coaching to team supervisors and managers; provides cross-training opportunities between the teams and between OCFS and the teams; and coordinates and delivers an annual teaming symposium.

Family Engagement Training Project

The Family Engagement Training Project provides training, coaching, and consultation throughout New York State to caseworkers, supervisors, and directors of state, county, and nonprofit child welfare agencies and to a cross-section of community partners, including those in family court, mental health, school, probation, and parole agencies, on family engagement practice strategies and skills development.

Foster/Adoptive Parent Training Project

The Foster/Adoptive Parent Training Project is an integrated, comprehensive series of courses available to New York State’s foster and adoptive parents and related local district and provider agency staff, from pre-certification of a home and pre-placement of a child, until a permanency goal of return to family, remain in care, adoption, or another permanent living arrangement is attained.

Mandated Reporter Training Project

The Mandated Reporter Training Project is an executive priority of the NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). Mandated reporters are required by New York State law to report all suspicions of child abuse and maltreatment to the OCFS State Central Register. Professionals who have contact with children and families in the course of their work, such as medical providers, law enforcement officials, educators, school officials, and human services providers are mandated reporters. OCFS works with the State Education Department, State Police, the New York City Board of Education, and the State Department of Health to develop training specific to different target groups of mandated reporters.

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