Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to develop unique strategies and products that strengthen, energize, and empower our customers through instructional design, training, evaluation, research, management services, technology, and organizational development.


CDHS is an innovative global leader in supporting organizations that help people to improve their lives.



We are attentive to our customers and support them in navigating through challenges and adding value to their organizations. When projects need to change, we initiate conversations that refine focus and that clarify plans and agreements.


Our standard is excellence. We always work to exceed expectations and strive toward continuous improvement in all we do. “Good enough” is never good enough.


We assume responsibility for our work and keep our word with colleagues and customers. We take ownership of our actions by meeting the challenge of whatever needs to be done. In all of our endeavors, we demonstrate commitment to personal and professional growth.


We work to meet our customers’ needs by maximizing the use of time and other resources in all of our strategies, products, and services.


The full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information is central to building trust. So, we continuously develop our ability to hear and address our customers’ and colleagues’ concerns and ideas. As we share information, we commit to meeting our goals through shared purpose and mutual understanding.


Utilizing an entrepreneurial spirit, we encourage the development of new ideas and the pursuit of responsible risks in finding new, creative ways to achieve the goals and meet the needs of those we serve.


Our cross-functional teams consistently work to enhance our individual and organizational capabilities toward shared goals. We encourage communication, listen for and create harmony between various viewpoints, and use our diversity to gain new perspectives and achieve desired outcomes.


We seek to understand and appreciate all communities our customers and colleagues belong to or serve and join with them in creating new community experiences that can improve people’s lives.